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Good retailers use technology to improve their effectiveness and customer experience… The best retailers use County Micro.

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In todays competitive market, technology plays a very important role. At County Micro, we have been partnering with retail stores across the nation to take their businesses to new heights.

We help the retail industry by...
  • Creating tailor-made IT strategies that ensure enhanced productivity, security and growth.
  • Offer engaging and responsive ecommerce solutions to increase sales and usability. 
  • Implementing cutting-edge POS systems that take performance, efficiency and user interface to the next level.

IT Solutions For Your Retail Shop


Managing your time wisely is sometimes easier said than done. At County Micro, we provide time management and communication solutions so that you can get back to doing what you are great at!

Store Fitting

Replacement technology is a necessity in retail. We handle all the details of the process of on-boarding and off-boarding devices such as POS terminals, desktops, tablets, network and cabling infrastructure, wireless technology, and much more.


Our advanced cyber security plans keep your store compliant and prevents sensitive information from being stolen. We also offer complete training and awareness for staff members in order to help them spot and stop hacking and phishing attempts.

Free Network Assessment
Boost your Success

Our assessment will uncover security vulnerabilities, review back-ups and identify any network issues that may result in slow systems and costly downtime.