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County Micro understands the importance of community and offers services to keep it going strong.

Helping Hands

Non-profits and community organizations rely on technology to elevate their cause and help spread the word about all the good they are doing. While dollar signs can get in the way of any advancements, many don’t realize that the are actually spending more money by not having a reliable IT strategy to back up their mission. That is where we come in. At County Micro, we are fully dedicated to our community and are here to help you, not only spread the word about your cause, but also help you put more money into your mission. 

We help the non-profit industry by...
  • Monitoring and managing your network to make sure you have a strong connection and deploying a layered cyber security plan to prevent attacks on your organization.
  • Creating an IT strategy that not only helps you save money, but helps you acquire more donors and put more profit back into the mission.
  • Implementing software that increases you fundraising within the community and beyond.

IT Solutions For Your Non-Profit


While you are focusing on your community and/or your cause, who is focusing on you? Having the right IT team helps alleviate the stresses that technology presents. County Micro takes care of any and all of your technology needs so you can center your attention on what really matters to you. 


Getting your message across is important for your cause, but can be stressful to know where to begin and with what tools. At County Micro, we make sure that you have only the applications that you need to accelerate awareness and fundraising while saving precious funds that can be put to better use for your cause. 


Cyber security is something you never what to overlook, even as a non-profit. Potential donors have to be able to trust that their information will remain secure every time they give to your organization. County Micro offers a strong, multi layered security plan tailor made for your specific needs to keep not only your donors safe, but your entire organization.

Free Network Assessment
Boost your Success

Our assessment will uncover security vulnerabilities, review back-ups and identify any network issues that may result in slow systems and costly downtime.

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Managed IT

A clear, predictable IT strategy and expert support, aligned perfectly with your business goals.

Disaster Recovery

Solutions to get your business back up and running after a disaster and keep you secure for the years to come.​

Cloud Voice

Big budget cloud phone systems without the price tag. Make and take business calls from anywhere, on any device.

Project Management

Save on precious time by streamlining your work to easily manage all of your projects in one place.

Software Development

You've got ideas, we build them. We can help turn your idea into a production ready application.

Web Design & Development

Make a lasting impression! Showcase your work to the world and give your business a competitive edge.