Healthcare workers helping someone in a hospital bed.

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Healthcare & Medical

County Micro provides services to make healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible.

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As technology continues to integrate with patient care, hospitals and clinics are facing new challenges managing costs, communicating with patients, and maintaining compliance.

We help the healthcare industry by...
  • Providing and integrating a multi-layered HIPAA compliant cyber security defense strategy. 
  • Making communication between the office and patients easier.
  • Implementing project management software that aids accountants in meeting strict deadlines during peak season.

IT Solutions For the Medical Community


Our team of HIPAA compliant IT professionals are fully trained on HIPPA regulations and are prepared to help you manage your infrastructure from server migration to security risk assessment and beyond.


Our advanced cyber security plans keep you compliant and up-to-date every step of the way. We also offer complete training and awareness for staff members in order to help them spot and stop hacking and phishing attempts.


Managing your time wisely is sometimes easier said than done. At County Micro, we provide time management and communication solutions so that you can get back to doing what you are great at!

Free Network Assessment
Boost your Success

Our assessment will uncover security vulnerabilities, review back-ups and identify any network issues that may result in slow systems and costly downtime.